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The Plumbing Industry Registration Board works proactively to promote better plumbing practices that;

  • providing a comprehensive registration system for plumbers
  • encouraging and monitoring the performance of plumbers
  • protect the health and safety of the community and environment
  • integrity of the water supply and waste water systems

PIRB is a trusted professional body as recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The benefits of being a SAQA recognised professional body:

  • Recognition as trusted professional bodies through an Act of Parliament
  • Part of a national database of professional bodies that uphold high standards of competence and ethics
  • Registration of professional designations on the most comprehensive national database of learner achievements
  • Exposure to best practice through access to fora that improve professional bodies’ functions

The PIRB, as a professional body promotes:
* Quality assurance within the plumbing industry
* Development of standards in the NQF environment
* Strengthening accountability within the plumbing profession
* Pride in the plumbing industry
* Fair policies and practices




The Institute of Plumbing South Africa was established in 1989 by plumbers. 

Today the Institute of Plumbing has evolved as the only plumbing body that has become the recognized voice of the South African Plumbing industry.

The Institute provides a platform to advise on the practice and principles of the plumbing industry. The Institute regularly consults and liaises with the plumbing industry, governmental and regulatory bodies for the discussion of matters affecting the plumbing industry.

The Institute is recognized and have representation on most national and internationally plumbing and legislative bodies.

Vision Statement:

Better Plumbing for all.

Mission Statement:

  1. The leading body for plumbing in South Africa
  2. The value of the plumber
  3. Plumbing Training and education
  4. Business acumen and sustainability
  5. Industry Standards 

The objectives of IOPSA

  1. To generally watch over, promote and protect the interests of its members.
  2. To encourage and promote a plumbing regulator environment through the upholding, upliftment and abiding of the South African plumbing industry installation and product standards be it mandatory or voluntary.
  3. To promote market growth in the plumbing sector of the building industry by co-ordinating endeavours aimed at establishing a wide awareness of the IOP(SA) member and its credibility.
  4. To foster and encourage the technical skills and business management education of all members through all legislated training and qualification training schemes, and further detailed plumbing education schemes through manufacturers workshops, lectures and group discussions.
  5. To promote to members the application of excellence in work, just and honourable practices in the conduct of business amongst members, consumers and others engaged in the building industry.
  6. To enhance public opinion of the services of IOP(SA) members.
  7. To co operate with other bodies, persons or associations in enforcing and giving effect to its objectives.
  8. To promote and identify the need for the national registration of plumbers, in co-operation with the appropriate Government authorities.
  9. To provide the IOP(SA) membership with current local and international plumbing news, together with the activities of similar plumbing associations through membership of the World Plumbing Council.
  10. To borrow, invest, lend, subscribe or donate money for the furtherance of the purposes of IOP(SA) and the plumbing industry.
  11. To promote good conduct of members through the administration of the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure.
  12. To perform such other lawful actions as may be in the interests of the members and the plumbing industry in general.




Kwikot is a leading manufacturer and supplier of geysers, heat pumps, solar water heaters and other related components to plumbing merchants. 

As approved installers and authorized Service Agents for Kwikot, We are able carry out installations, maintenance, replacement and repair services for on electric geysers, heat pumps and solar water heating systems, as well as assist you in processing warranty and insurance claims.

As qualified plumbers who are registered with PIRB and IOPSA, we are committed to delivering service excellence with rapid response times, valuable advice and following compliance regulations as defined by the National Plumbing Regulations and local by-laws as defined in:

  • SANS 10254 - The installation, maintenance, replacement or repair of fixed electric storage water heating (geyser) systems.
  • SANS 1352 - The installation, maintenance, replacement or repair of domestic air source water heating heat pump systems.
  • SANS 1307 - The installation, maintenance, replacement or repair of domestic storage solar water heating systems.
  • Bitou Municipality Department of Water and Sanitation.




JoJo Tanks is a household name in South Africa as leading supplier of water storage tanks, containers & other domestic, agricultural & chemical storage products. 

As recommended installers of Jojo Tanks, Prestige Plumbing will ensure that your products are installed, serviced and maintained to the highest standards and comply with all manufacturer installation requirements and specifications to ensure that your warranty remains valid.

Find out more about Jojo Tanks and their product offering by clicking the link below:




SABS is a leading business services provider to organizations worldwide, offering a range of services for management system certification, product testing and certification, and standardization.

They provide standards that enhance the competitiveness of South Africa, and which are the basis for consumer protection, health, safety and environmental issues. With more than fifty years of experience in  their core function, they are committed to the development of national standards and the maximization of benefits of the internationalization of standards. Crucial to this process are the more than 450 technical committees and subcommittees administered by the Standards Division of the SABS to produce standards. At present, approximately 6 500 standards are maintained by the Standards Division and new standards are developed at a rate of approximately 500 a year.

Growing environmental awareness and the increasing awareness of quality implies the need for standardized requirements and test methods.

Prestige Plumbing Garden Route are committed to compliance, implementation and the South African National Standards relating to the National Building Regulations, Plumbing Regulations and local municipal by-laws, specifically:


  • SANS 10254 - The installation, maintenance, replacement or repair of fixed electric storage water heating (geyser) systems.
  • SANS 1352 - The installation, maintenance, replacement or repair of domestic air source water heating heat pump systems.
  • SANS 1307 - The installation, maintenance, replacement or repair of domestic storage solar water heating systems.
  • SANS 10252 (Part 1&2) - Water supply and drainage systems for buildings.
  • SANS 10400 - The application of the National Building Regulations.
  • Regulations as definded by the Bitou Municipality Department of Water and Sanitation.



 Plumblink is a specialist plumbing, bathroom and kitchenware merchant currently operating from 95 branches strategically situated throughout South Africa.